My date with Deliciously Ella

Today I interviewed the gorgeous and utterly charming Ella Woodward, aka Deliciously Ella, whose blog has taken the internet – and the food world – by storm.

Incredibly, this proponent of clean living and eating is just 23 years old, and she’s no fad dieter either. Although she espouses the benefits of going wheat, dairy, refined sugar, meat and caffeine free, she discovered her strain of healthy eating after a debilitating illness.

Determined to make a difference, Ella decided to try and eat herself well after reading the inspirational story of Kris Carr, a stage four cancer sufferer who took matters into her own hands by radically changing what she put into her body. Ten years on she has kickstarted an eating revolution.


Ella’s journey began three-and-a-half years ago when she binned her Haribo and crisp habit to embark on eating herself back to health. She literally chopped, blended and cooked her way to good health, vibrant energy, glowing skin, shiny hair and a fitter body.

She didn’t count calories or try to deprive herself of anything natural, she found natural sugars to sweeten dishes so that she could still enjoy brownies (sweet potato brownies) and chocolate cake (with raw cacao powder and beetroot), and she calms cravings with homemade date and almond bites.

An hour in her company was inspiring – I immediately headed to Sainsbury’s and spent £95 on nut milks, agave nectar, dates and brown rice.


Her book Deliciously Ella is released this week and is set to transform the way we eat. You only have to look at the supermarket “free from” aisle to see how the food industry is responding to our desire to eat cleaner, healthier food that is free from gluten and dairy.

I, for one,  can’t wait to try some of her sugar-busting ideas! I’ll let you know how I get on…


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