5 fab christmas decorating ideas

Get creative and make your own decorations for a hand-crafted and home-spun Christmas

1. Cookie cutter lights

If you can't make your own, you can buy these lovely lights from Cox and Cox
If you can’t make your own, you can buy these lovely lights from Cox and Cox

Pick up some cookie cutter shapes – stars, snowflakes, christmas trees, bells, reindeer, or even hearts and circles – Sainsbury’s and M&S sell copper versions like the ones pictured. Then, drill a hole into each one, push the light of your fairy lights through the hole and secure them in place with some clear glue. It’s that easy!

But if you’d rather buy some, those clever folks at Cox & Cox have created their own.

2. Make a twig decoration tree


Head to the park, or your garden, and forage some long branches with lots of twiggy stems.

If you want them to look extra festive you can spray paint them in white, gold or silver paint, or dip them in clear glue and sprinkle them with glitter.

Then insert them into a bucket that you’ve already filled with sand or soil so that they will stand upright.

Next, hang some festive decorations – you can even make your own, paper chains, paper doily snow flakes, and hanging christmas biscuits, or dried orange slices, all look really effective.

TIP – turn this into a stylish advent calendar by tying on old smarties boxes that you can put treats in (or even new smarties boxes with said sweets inside), wrap up in plain paper and add numbers to each one. It’s looks really effective and is completely personal and unique.

3. Create your own snow globe


Start with an empty jar with a lid. My daughter used a Bon Mamon jam jar to make hers, but you could get really stylish with a Ball Mason or Kilner jar.

Decide what you want to put into your jar – it might be something your kids make from Fimo modelling clay, or you could choose a christmas ornament or make a scene, like a church or tree. Whatever you choose it needs to fit inside the jar itself, and also be no larger than the lid.

Glue your finished scene securely to the lid of the jar.

If you want to make a traditional globe which you shake and let the snow slowly fall down, you’ll need to ensure whatever goes in the jar is waterproof. Fill the jar with water and a handful of fake snow (buy it here), then fix your lid securely onto the jar. Easy.

Use small jars and tie string around them to hang them as decorations, like home-made version of the ones pictured.

Can’t face making it but love the look? Buy these from Rockett St George.

4. Make a bauble place name


1. Choose some pretty baubles and attach a round paper clip to the top of each one.

2. Then write your place name on a piece of card and slide the card into the paper clip so that is is held in place by it.

3. In order to make your baubles stand up, either attach a bit of blue tac to the bottom, or for added cuteness, sit them in egg cups.

4. For a twist on the idea, follow steps 1 and 2, then thread some ribbon through the bauble hook and tie them around napkins to kill two birds with one stone.

5. A wreath chandelier centrepiece


For a new spin on a Christmas wreath, attach ribbon to hand it from the ceiling over a table and create a stunning centre-piece. you can even hang baubles from it for really impressive look, and add candles to the top to add atmosphere.


Don’t want to make your own? This hanging Narnia centrepiece from Sarah Raven, is just gorgeous.


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