Cheeses galore at La Fromagerie

More Cheese Please!

Woohoo, It’s British Cheese Week! I do LOVE cheese, as anyone who’s seen me, with my Neal’s Yard Cheese bag, will know.

Neal's Yard Covent Garden
Neal’s Yard Covent Garden

So this week, it’s an opportunity to gorge on cheddar (the nation’s favourite cheese – 80 per cent of Brits say it’s their cheese of choice), slice into some stichelton, or stir some goats cheese into a salad.

Inside the Borough shop
Inside the Borough shop

For me, oat cakes, charcoal crackers and parmesan biscuits (I could sit and eat a packet of M&S parmesan biscuits in one sitting) are essential, as is quince paste.

The Cheeseboard in Greenwich
The Cheeseboard in Greenwich

I love our local shop, the Cheeseboard in Greenwich, and news that Champagne and Fromage is opening an outpost here this month has filled me with excitement.

The tempting Cheeseboard, Greenwich
The tempting Cheeseboard, Greenwich

In central London, Neal’s Yard Dairy, La Fromagerie and the French cheese van at Borough Market (literally a guy who drives across from Normandy each Friday) are my favourites – and you can sit down and eat in at the cafe at La Fromagerie, too.

The outside of La Fromagerie, Marylebone
The outside of La Fromagerie, Marylebone

Anyway, here’s a bit of cheese-based research designed to celebrate Great British Cheese Week, from Branston. The average Brit consumes a palatable four servings of cheese a week, and our favourites are, drum roll please:

La Fromagerie1. Cheddar,

2. Mozzarella,

3. Red Leicester,

4. Brie,


6. Stilton,

7. Wensleydale,


9. Camembert

10.Cream cheese


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